Takeshi Okano is a manga artist known for both his own works and collaborations, most notably Hell Teacher Nube with Sho Makura. In Mazinger, he is known for Mazinger Z vs Kekko Kamen.


Okano's first manga was the one-shot Bakuhatsu! Yuriko-sensei in 1987. The next year, his manga AT Lady won the Akatsuka Award for best comedic story (under the pen name Takeshi Nomura) that lead to a series the next year in Weekly Shonen Jump.

As AT Lady ended, Okano paired up with Makura to start Hell Teacher Nube which after a couple of one-shots became a full series in Weekly Shonen Jump for 6 years. Afterwards, Okano became involved in a few minor projects with both himself and a few other writers such as Digimon Next and pairing up with Makura again for a spin-off of Nube, Izuna the Spiritual Medium.

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