Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI
The Talos are primitive mass produced Mechanical Beasts created in the early days of the Mycenae Empire.


The Talos are brass giants standing at nearly 20 meters and resemble Greek soldiers with similar armor such as the lacings and loinclothes. They possess holes in their chests that are revealed to be cannons.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

The Talos are armed with spears and shields and have flamethrowers implanted into their chests that release streams of intensely hot flames. While powerful enough to defeat armies, they are weak to strengthened robots like Mazinger Z.


The Talos were first used by the Mycenae Empire during its militant times to defeat enemy armies with their advanced weaponry, including the times when the Emperor of Darkness began his reign. They were used again by Dr. Hell in his first steps for world domination, his first act with them was to kill all of the scientists with him on an expedition. He then had the rest stationed as guards on Bardos and later Hell Castle, serving as defense from attacks.


  • The Talos are named after and based on the bronze machines built by the Greek God Hephaestus.