Kanji Unknown
Kana Unknown
Gender Male
Age (Ageless)
Robot Himself
Affiliation Mycenae Empire
Family and Relations Unknown
First Appearance Shin Mazinger ZERO vs Great General of Darkness
Tarantas was an insect type Warrior Beast from the manga Shin Mazinger ZERO vs. Great General of Darkness.


Tarantas resembled a large humanoid with a arachnid-like headdress decorated with horns. He had grey skin and sinister yellow eyes. He had a chest plate with black circular markings and his true tri-horned face in the center, He had shoulders with three large spikes in each side, grey arms and legs, and a yellow underbelly.  His headress and sholders were striped in black and yellow.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Tarantas was capable of flight through boosters and could emit web-like nets from his mouth that can ensare enemies.



  • Like several others he is based on his origonal concept artwork similar to his Kaiser counterpart.


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