Tetsuya Tsurugi
Tetsuya Zero
Kanji 剣 鉄也
Kana つるぎ てつや
Gender Male
Age 18 (Biologically)
Robot Great Mazinger
Affiliation Science Fortress Laboratory
Family and Relations Kenzo Kabuto (Creator),
Jun Hono (Partner)
First Appearance Unknown
Tetsuya Tsurugi is the pilot of the Great Mazinger, referred to as Kenzo Kabuto's trump card against the Mycenae Empire. He was initially introduced as the test pilot to the prototype Great Mazinger in another reality that was reset. It is later revealed that he is a genetically engineered being created by Kenzo to pilot the Great Mazinger to its full potential. Another new reality puts this even further by having Tetsuya engineered as a set of clones.

Appearance Edit

Tetsuya resembles his other counterparts including his signature dark brown hairstyle with semi-curls standing upright. He has brown eyes and has chiseled features. His clothes include his blue civilian clothes with a dark blue jacket and an occasional scarf. His pilot suit includes a dark skin suit with red padding as well as a helmet resembling the head of Great Mazinger.

Personality Edit

Tetsuya is a hot-headed fighter who strives to become a hero as envisioned by Kenzo Kabuto. However, he can be overly violent and reckless making Tetsuya take unnecessary risks that have even gotten him killed. Because of the memories he inherits from his clones when they die, it is difficult for Tetsuya to establish his own identity. However, when Tetsuya found out he was a clone it caused him immense grief.

Abilities Edit

As a genetically engineered human designed for combat, Tetsuya is well versed in combat and piloting.

Constitution Edit

Tetsuya has a body that is in the peak of a human being, allowing him to pilot the Great Mazinger while resisting the g-force the robot gives off. Through continued training with Jun, he is a powerful combatant in close quarter combat. He is able to heal from minor injuries in a matter of minutes.

Clones Edit

Tetsuya possesses numerous clones created by Kenzo Kabuto in the eventual event Tetsuya is dead or beyond repair. The clones are engineered to inherit Tetsuya's memories the moment the current one had. They are also engineered to not recall dying, which makes Tetsuya think he can heal from serious injuries. This however makes Tetsuya reckless, believing himself to be invincible.

Piloting Edit

Tetsuya is a highly capable pilot well versed in the Great Mazinger, piloting the giant robot to its utmost potential through the Mazin Power and even to transform it into the Great Mazinkaiser.

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