The Appearance of the Ghost Angels
Kanji 幽霊のエンジェルの出現
Romaji name Yurei no Angeru no Shutsugen
Volume 2
Chapter 10
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Melting in the Snow, Mazinger Angels Pursue! The Kidnapping Submarine Bood

The Appearance of the Ghost Angels is the tenth chapter of Mazinger Angels. It marks the physical debut of Dr. Hell.

Summary Edit

Jun is working part time at a gas station during a fog. Suddenly what appear to be the Mazinger Angels show up, Jun is confused as she witnesses the robots shoot missiles at the city. Sayaka is in a bad mood the following morning after the reports of the Angels attacking the city lead to the public turning against them. She beats on a couple boys badmouthing them, until Boss shows up. Sayaka trusted Boss to keep the secret of the Mazinger Angels after learning it by accident, which Boss is happy to comply to as he gets to share a secret with Sayaka and was happy to see her in her underwear at one time. When Sayaka leaves as she feels to upset, Boss is punched in the face by Naojiro.

Maria and Duke come across Hikaru who is displeased about what happened last night, showing Maria the report on a newspaper. The one most upset however, is Prof. Nonaka at HQ. While wondering who could have done the act, Hikaru and Prof. Nonaka swear to defeat the perpetrator. Jun brings up the fact that the fake angels appeared in fog. With the professor wondering how the fog could have appeared, he notices a fog rolling in and calls in for deployment of the angels while he gets to the top of a skyscraper. With the Ghost Angels arriving the real Angels appear to confront them. The Ghost Angels, use some snake missiles to lock down the OPM of the real Angels. The professor, instructs Maria to use Minerva X's Sirene Mode to look for another enemy while telling Jun to blow away the fog with the Venus Typhoon. With the fog gone, the Ghost Angels are revealed to be the Mechanical Beast Kajimof T7. Minerva spots the Mechanical Beast KingDan X10, which used three-dimensional projection on the fog generated by Kajimof to put an image of the Ghost Angels in order to frame the real ones.

The Kajimof prepares to fire its missiles but Diana A uses its Pink Rose Missile to reflect the radio waves controlling the Mechanical Beast's missiles to attack itself. The KingDan pins down Aphrodite A and disarms it. As KingDan tries to strike at Aphrodite, her chest opens to reveal hands that catch the KingDan's sword. Aphrodite launches KingDan into the air where Minerva attacks it and Aphrodite finishes it off with a Rocket Punch Missile. The Angels report that the enemies have been defeated. The professor is relieved that the threat is over, but wonders who could have made the Mechanical Beasts while thinking of someone in mind. A mysterious figure had watched everything from a monitor.

Trivia Edit

  • The emblems on the Ghost Angels' resemble the emblem belt buckle worn by the anime Devilman.

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