This page is for the real life graphic artist, for the character in Mazinger Angels see: Tsuyoshi Nonaka (Angels)

Tsuyoshi Nonaka is a graphic artist known for his works in the modern Mazinger series and other famous series like Kamen Rider and Super Sentai. He mainly designed robots and mechanical-esque beings for the series he worked for. He also created the successful Soul of Chogokin toyline series for adults.


Nonaka has been involved with several Toei and Bandai trademarks including Metal Hero, Super Sentai, and several animations like D.I.C.E. and Shin Mazinger. Joining Bandai Co. Ltd. he became a successful toymaker, recreating several key features of popular TV shows and making them into toys (of them included a childhood favorite Mazinger Z). In 2011, Nonaka joined Bandai's "PLEX International Design" as the head of its US division making toys for several of Bandai America's properties.

Works in MazingerEdit

For the Mazinger franchise, Nonaka was in charge of redesigns of the famous robots of the original series. His works appeared in different media including:

Other WorksEdit

  • D.I.C.E.
  • Dinozone

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