Ultra Submarine
Composition Unknown
Power Source Unknown
Pilot Grendizer
Dimensions Length: 36 meters,

Weight: 95 tons

Performance Critical submergence depth: 3000 meters
The Ultra Submarine is a giant personal water craft for the Grendizer to use over a large body of water. It was created by Dr. Umon. It was only used in combat for a single episode but was used as a base for an alliance against the Vegan Empire for other media.


The Ultra Submarine has a seat for the Grendizer to sit on and pilot. It also has a cockpit for humans to ride in and pilot. It is able to dive to a certain depth and support the Grendizer with weaponry to battle enemies underwater.


  • Submarine Missile: Basic torpedo attack shot from openings in the nose.
  • Submarine Drill: A large drill that protrudes from an opening in front, used for ramming.
  • Submarine Storm: A jet of high pressured water that would fire from the same opening as the Submarine Drill.
  • Chain Attack: Four chains that were fired from four openings below the Submarine Missile opening.

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