101 (1)
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Baron Ashura

An unnamed Mechanical Beast that appeared in the original Mazinger Z manga in a plot by Baron Ashura to defeat the Mazinger Z.

Appearance and AbilitiesEdit

The Mechanical Beast has a skeletal appearance with its skull-like face located on the chest area and has rather thin limbs. It is able to disguise itself as a large robot with a cover of material that protects it from outward attacks, however it lacks the other functions of the robot it disguises itself as. It features a hatch on the back that releases Iron Masks and their mechanical horses. For combat it mainly uses brute force.


Baron Ashura used this Mechanical Beast along with Bamaras Y1 and Bazin B9 in a plan to assassinate Koji Kabuto as well as destroy his allies. Disguising the Mechanical Beast as Mazinger Z, he/she lures Koji into following it so that the Iron Masks would attack him. Koji manages to escape the ambush and get to the Photon Power Laboratory to suit up and pilot the real Mazinger Z. As Koji confronts the fake Z, he has to battle Bamaras and Bazin which proved to be difficult until Sayaka Yumi and Aphrodite A arrived. The fake Z fought and grappled Aphrodite and drove it into a corner, the real Z appeared to catch Aphrodite in time and fight the fake one. Using Rust Hurricane made the disguise decay revealing the Mechanical Beast's true form. Ashura escaped in the head before this happened. Mazinger then smashed the Mechanical Beast into pieces.

Trivia Edit

  • While no official name exists for this Mechanical Beasts, it has been referred to on some websites as Dorughost B5.

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