Urah P9
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Linked brains of several Iron Masks
Urah P9 is a Mechanical Beast exclusive to the TV Magazine manga of Mazinger Z that appeared along with Great Bardon. It is a unique Mechanical Beast that is controlled through the implanted brains of Iron Masks.


Urah P9 is a humanoid Mechanical Beast with a darkened face and armor. It resembles a tribal warrior armed with a spear and circular shiled with a face on it. It has a flowing mane that extends from every side of its head. Urah also wears a cape and appears to have a tail.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

As a Mechanical Beast infused with human brains, Urah P9 possesses greater reactions than standard Mechanical Beasts. It mainly uses it spear and shield in combat. It possesses a great amount of balance, able to move effortlessly on the Great Bardon.


Urah P9 and Great Bardon were attacking Tokyo with the news reaching the Photon Power Laboratory. Mazinger Z equipped with the Jet Scrander was deployed to fight the Mechanical Beasts. Urah P9 showed its abilities to the Mazinger before having the Great Bardon take a turn. With an opening Mazinger manages to destroy both Mechanical Beasts with a Breast Fire.

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