Composition Vegatron
Power Source Vegatron radiation
Pilot Integrated brain

Uruuru was a Saucer Beast that appeared along Gidogido and Hadohado in episode 26 and 27 of the Grendizer anime.

Appearance Edit

Uruuru was a thin humanoid with red, dark blue and black color scheme. He had a yellow head with three horns and long red bladed tentacles on the chest. It coiled the tentacles and formed a Saucer hence it's lack of saucer discs.

Abilities and Weapons Edit

Beside the ability of flight in Saucer Mode, Uruuru could fire yellow lasers from the eyes and swing the axes on its tentacles for mid-to-long ranged attacks.

History Edit

Uruuru along Gidogido attacked a space station with Koji and Hayashi inside and after they escaped, Uruuru and Gidogido attacked Gren while Hadohado attacked the Space Science Lab. After Gidogido was destroyed, Uruuru along Hadohado put Grendizer in a pinch, ending the episode.

In episode 27,after Grendizer escaped the sticky situation and hid in a magnetic rock cave. After which Uruuru & friends invaded the Space Lab where Blaki interrogated Dr. Umon with no success. Then Grendizer exited the cave and Uruuru and Hadohado attacked the mecha and entered another cave where Hadohado intended to make the cave collapse but Grendizer destroyed Uruuru before that happened.

Gallery Edit

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