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  • I live in the Land of Ooo
  • I was born on January 11
  • My occupation is YouTubing and working on my fanfics
  • I am Male
  • Protonfridge

    Well here I am, minding my own business and I buy myself some ice cream and you'll never believe who was in the package.

    Well, is it a coincidence? Have a 12 year old girl with blonde hair tied in pigtails and dressed in sleeveless sweater and skirt?

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  • Protonfridge

    Venus trouble

    June 22, 2015 by Protonfridge

    I'm working on my version for mazinger fan fiction wiki and sayaka has three robots:

    • Aphrodite A: a robot proposed for mining Japanium and was replaced for a while by the experimental robot Artemis A.
    • Artemis A: an experimental robot with just two breast missiles, was destroyed in the Saluud incident.
    • Venus A: after Aphrodite A is destroyed, Venus A comes with breast missiles, kishoriyoku beams and Z cutters. Came to destroy demonika along Mazinger, great mazinger and Venus A (Jun). Really confusing, maybe Jun's Venus can be Venus G or E or V.

    Can you suggest anything?

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  • Protonfridge

    Grendizer dilema

    May 31, 2015 by Protonfridge

    Well, remember the Grendizer Blog I wrote? Well I remembered, what about Naida? Hell, she couldn't fit in the story, so here's the versions:

    Version 1:goes according to the original anime, I'm not sure to have this one.

    Version 2: Naida lives, but after some time, Rubina did die but how could this pretty girl die in front of her fiance? So Naida goes to Fleed with Naida (she is Ok, like Gamia Q prettiness but a little better) nope, I can't let Rubina die.

    Version 3: Naida lives and so does Rubina, and both come to Fleed and live happily ever after (I'm not a fan of polygamy)

    Version 4: the same as version 3,only Naida stays on Earth (I don't like this as much)

    Version 5: Naida simply doesn't appear (hmm...This way Rubina lives but we have to ha…

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  • Protonfridge

    This is for me to use in pages and don't even think about it

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  • Protonfridge
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