I've have kicking an idea around for some months now, about me creating a Mazinger fan fiction Wiki, with your own version of MZ GM and URG, and I'm going to tell you my version of Grendizer in two minutes:

Grendizer (ultra-short version)

Starting in episode 25: Blaki kidnaps a us space station and take it back and motherburn is badly damaged and crashes in skull Moon Base and Gandal goes to Earth and fails utterly and her is injured, four episodes later there's Naida and motherburn destruction and Zuril appears and so does Double Spazer in the following episode, then all the others come to the space science Fortress(?) and Zuril attacks with two Saucer Beasts with one finding a crucial weakness in Grendizer and it destroys the right arm and then Zuril comes with a Mycenae Fortress with emperor of darkness and a revived Brocken with Warrior Beasts, then the space Fortress finds a space alloy gren meteor and races to complete its arm and while the Fortress comes from the sea, then all the mechas come and destroy the Fortress with Zuril and Brocken escaping, then Tetsuya and Jun pilot the fire and ice Spazers and Sayaca the drill Spazer (nope, Maria doesn't appear) and Boss & gang appear like every 5 episodes and Shiro like every 3 and Rubina doesn't die but badly injured and she and Duke return to Fleed

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