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  • I live in Souderton
  • I was born on August 4
  • I am Male
  • Bio I am a geek with a love of quality, with humor and wit I plan on spreading what I love with others. I'm also a lover of the great and obscure like Double Fine's goods. With time, I hope to be someone who can provide for Wikia's history.
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  • Zeromaro

    Facebook Likes

    September 26, 2013 by Zeromaro

    For advertisement purposes, I would like editors and viewers to put a like on the main page. To those who are unaware of how that is done, simply go to the share tab on the top right corner and on the facebook icon press like.

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  • Zeromaro

    I go around different manga websites to look for the original Mazinger Z manga, and I find a little less than I bargained for. When I was on MangaFox I was thrilled to see it and the storylines were interesting. But when I reached Vol 3 and continued, that excitement died. The translators didn't notice that some of the chapters were really from Gosaku Ōta and not the original Go Nagai manga. I kind of got tipped of from seeing the coloration of Aphrodite, Boss Borot, the Jet Scrander that didn't appear until the final battle with Dr. Hell in Nagai-san's manga. Right now, I'm not even sure if the Baron Ashura Mechanical Beast existed in the original Nagai manga or just in the Ota version. Is there anywhere that has the manga as separate from …

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  • Zeromaro

    While mainstream and spin-off manga are always welcome for info, this wiki would also like info on related manga as well including Devilman vs. Great Emperor of Darkness and Mazinger Z vs. Kekko Kamen. These might seem trivial, but any info at all is welcome on this wikia.

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  • Zeromaro

    Currently, I'm the only editor on this wiki. I'd say it can even do better than a few other Mazinger wikis. So far all I've seen on english speaking wikis and even some in European languages, they tend to focus on what's been on TV. Nowadays Mazinger's been more focused in the manga category, including the kind that people can get on their cell phones for free (in Japan at least). I built this wiki to dig deeper dirt than all the others that just stopped editing after a while.

    But one thing I really need is a hand. I don't have connections or whatever like most admins and buereacrats do, so I need help from all kinds of sources.

    A good place to start is to get word out through facebook. The Main Page like all wikia has a share button that ca…

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