I go around different manga websites to look for the original Mazinger Z manga, and I find a little less than I bargained for. When I was on MangaFox I was thrilled to see it and the storylines were interesting. But when I reached Vol 3 and continued, that excitement died. The translators didn't notice that some of the chapters were really from Gosaku Ōta and not the original Go Nagai manga. I kind of got tipped of from seeing the coloration of Aphrodite, Boss Borot, the Jet Scrander that didn't appear until the final battle with Dr. Hell in Nagai-san's manga. Right now, I'm not even sure if the Baron Ashura Mechanical Beast existed in the original Nagai manga or just in the Ota version. Is there anywhere that has the manga as separate from each other, I'd like to see them both rather than jumbled together.

Yeah ignore the parts that are striked through, i just got confirmation that those chapters are from TV magazine and maybe some other Mazinger Z manga. Still want to find separate pages though.

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