The Vega Beasts are the replacements for the Saucer Beasts after the destruction of Planet Vega, they were thought up by Dantus.


With Vegatron radiation causing Planet Vega to explode, Dantus prepares the first Vega Beast to destroy Grendizer, after they settle in Skull Moon, Dantus is killed by Gandal and Zuril in battle. After his death, the Vega Beasts were used until the last episode. The first Vega Beasts were made in Planet Vega, some were made in Skull Moon or in an underwater base that lasted from episode 56 to 67. The Vega Beasts were capable of applying physical damage to Grendizer.

General FormulaEdit

The Vega Beasts are much more beast-like compared to the mechanical Saucer Beasts. They were made by enlarging certain animal and modifying it to make it more deadly, others however were made to look like an animal and are completely robotic They are also much stronger, shown by the fact that some effortlessly destroyed a group of Saucer Beasts and actually managed to damage the Grendizer.

Like the Saucer Beasts, the Vega Beasts are named in an onomatopoeic fashion and are often internally piloted. Some have integrated brains and Artifical Intelligence.

List of Vega BeastsEdit

Note Edit

No Vega Beast appears in episode 72.

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