The Vegan Empire is the main antagonistic group of the Grendizer manga by Gosaku Ōta. It is ruled over by the dictator King Vega and is a powerful military force that captured and enslaved many planets.


The ancestors of the Vegan Empire and Planet Fleed originally came from Earth in the civilization Sygma. However, feuds and wars broke out between the colonies and they eventually went into space. One of the sides settled on a planet filled with the element Vegatron and later built its own civilization known as the Vegan Empire.


The Vegan Empire is a military nation ruled over by a dictator and his royal family where every inhabitant either joins the army as a soldier or mine for Vegatron. It has achieved domination over many planets, enslaving the native species and taking resources for their own. But when a planet is deemed a threat, it is charged for destruction.

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