Viscount Pygman
Pygman 7127
Kanji ピグマン子爵
Kana ピグマンししゃく
Gender Male
Age N/A
Robot Various Mechanical Beasts
Affiliation Underground Empire
Family and Relations Dr. Hell (Commander)
Voice Actor Kōji Yada
First Appearance Mazinger Z episode 83

Viscount Pygman was the newest of Dr. Hell's lieutenants who was one of the Maasai people. Pygman is named for the fact he has a pygmy sized upper body for a head. Pygman does not appear in the original manga.


Viscount Pygman has a large muscular Maasai body with tribal markings on it and a Pygmy upper body. His clothing consists of a loincloth held by suspenders for the main body while the head wears a single sleeved cloth and a belt. The arms and legs of the main body are adorned with green bands while the upper body wears yellow rings on the arm joints and neck.


While Viscount Pygman is loyal to Dr. Hell, he is described as being 'Wild' and prefers to work alone rather than use soldiers and/or work with Dr. Hell's other lieutenants, even take Mechanical Beasts from behind Dr. Hell's back. Pygman speaks in two tones of voice, a weakly toned voice whenever he uses magic or laughs and a loud toned voice for regular conversation. He also has a creepy distinctive laugh "Keekekekekekeke". He was also the only one who was not afraid of Archduke Gorgon.


Unlike Baron Ashura or Count Brocken who use tools and their armies to fight from a distance, Viscount Pygman fights on the front lines with a spear and shield as well as vast mystical powers such as the ability to summon flames, breathe fire, summon gusts of wind through his shield, teleport, and various aspects of voodoo such as illusions. His physical strength is also high for a human, able to pick up a normal sized human like Koji Kabuto and throw him with one arm. At certain times, Pygman can also separate from his two bodies where the smaller one can levitate and the lower body moves autonomously.


Pygman is introduced late in the series as more Ghost Mechanical Beasts are defeated. In episode 87, he goes behind the back of Dr. Hell and takes Glory R2 to attack the Photon Power Laboratory. He manages to successfully take over the lab before fighting the Mazinger Z where the robot manages to destroy him with its Koshiryoku Beam.


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