Viscount Pygman
Pygman saga
Kanji 比丘魔
Kana びくま
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Robot Various Bio-Beasts
Affiliation God Kaiser Hell
Family and Relations Unknown
First Appearance Unknown
Viscount Pygman is one of God Kaiser Hell's lieutenants, he/she is based on Viscount Pygman from the Mazinger Z anime.


Pygman resembles his/her original counterpart but the pygmy body it has for a head is feminine and lightly skinned while the main body is a highly muscled dark-skinned masculine body. The 'head' body has pointy ears and a 'third eye' decoration. Pygman is adorned in gold armor that expose parts of his/her body.


Pygman is more loyal to Hell than his original counterpart, but still not as much Ashura Baron or Count Brocken. He/she prefers to manipulate targets to get what he/she wants.


Pygman met wtih Z in different plans to destroy the armor. He/she had Aphrodite A and its pilot Sayaka Yumi kidnapped to force a bargain with Koji and Z. However, the Crimson Condor squadron offered back-up and Aphrodite managed to get away from Pygman's cluthes. Z and his allies then fought off Pygman's Bio-Beasts. After the several failures of his suboridinates, Hell has them all melted down in a pit where their biotech fused into the Great General of Darkness.


The Kanji that compose his name mean Buddhist Priest Demon, refering to his ability to change between a male priest and a nun.

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