The Volcanic Base was a base used in the Great Mazinger anime by Archduke Gorgon and Marquis Janus and lasted from episode 22 to 44 after the Mycenae Empire needed to move operations.

Appearance Edit

The volcanic island has the appearance of a normal island with some sort of skyscraper with antennae and missiles somewhere in the middle of the island which handles communications.

Abilities and Equipment Edit

The Volcanic Base could submerge completely and move independently underwater, it could launch many missiles as part of its defense against intruders. Most of the Warrior Beasts were made here.

History Edit

Archduke Gorgon was flying over the sea when he came up on a volcanic island and in the 22nd episode, he was appointed commander of the base and died in the same episode while being thanked for allowing the empire to move all resources. Marquis Janus was appointed commander afterward, serving as the stage for some battles, like Gasrose, Dandaros, Achilles, Glosser, Rubamba and Domez. In the 44th episode, Marquis Janus selfdestructs the base as a last resort rather than come back defeated.

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