Warrior Beasts (Kaiser)
The Warrior Beasts are the main force of the Mycenae Empire military force. They are separated into seven armies, each lead by one of the Seven Generals.


The Warrior Beasts are gigantic cyborgs featuring human-esque real faces along their more strangely formed bodies, that hold their brains. Each are outfitted with weapons and themed after one of the seven armies.

Seven ArmiesEdit

The seven armies are separated into armies lead by a general: Superhuman (Julicaesar), Insect (Scarabeth), Aquatic (Angoras), Aerial (Birdler), Reptilian (Draydou), Mammalian (Ligern), and Spectral (Hadias).

List of Warrior BeastsEdit

Opening SequenceEdit

Warrior Beasts (Kaiser) 2

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