The Warrior Beasts (戦闘獣 sentou juu) were the secret super-weapons that made up a majority of the Mycenae Empire's military. Unlike the Mechanical Beasts, which were purely mechanical weapons used by the Mycenae (and later Dr. Hell) before switching soldiers, the Warrior Beasts are cyborgs instead of just machines.

As noted above, Warrior Beasts are gigantic cyborgs; mechanical frames fused with organic flesh and controlled by an implanted Mycenaese warrior brain. These traits are most often seen as a human-like face or head somewhere on the body. Thanks to their cyborg nature their reaction time, adaptability, and reflexes are much greater than the Mechanical Beasts. They also have emotion and free will, with the ability to speak even. A big weakness however is their exposed human faces, which can kill the Warrior Beasts on impact.

List of Warrior Beasts in ZEROEdit

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