X Battler
Composition Unknown
Power Source Unknown
Pilot Garan Army
The X Battlers are the main forces of the Garan Army.


The X Battlers are heavily armored in terms of the other mech of the other armies. They have a striking semblance to the KingDan X10. There are some red X Battlers that are three times faster and stronger than the regular variants.

Abilities & EquipmentEdit

All X Battlers are armed with swords for close combat while some use large crossbows that fire powerful arrows that can cause shockwaves that can level armies.


The X Battlers were sent out into battle whenever the Garan Army fought against the opposing armies of Machine Island. After the defeat of Garan they are still fighting against the Hachiryokaku who are later assisted by the Wingle. It is unknown what became of the Garan Army and the X Battlers after the battle with the Iron Kaiser.

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