Kana やす
Gender Male
Age (Middle Aged)
Robot None
Affiliation Kurogane House
Family and Relations Tsubasa Nishikiori (Employer)
Voice Actor Masayuki Kato
First Appearance Unknown
Yasu the Weasel is the Kurogane House's bathroom attendent and a member of the Kurogane 5.


Yasu was originally a criminal who worked with bombs, however a job cost him a part of his body. He was found by Tsubasa Nishikiori and brought back to life with a prosthetic implant on the damaged part of his body. Ever since he has pledged loyalty to Tsubasa, vowing to protect her.


Img chara 03 05
Yasu is a middle aged man with short black hair, black eyes and long, thin eyebrows. He always wears his trademark amber-colored tear-shaped glasses. He wears a pink collared shirt and black pants under a light green haori with a blue outline with a diamond-shaped decoration.


While Yasu is as serious at protecting Tsubasa as the rest of the Kurogane 5, he is much more laid back and a bit of a joker. He is close to Inspector Ankokuji and Shiro Kabuto, he even joked about them possibly bathing with Gamia Q3. He is quite attached to his skills with bombs, taking a lot of pride from the one inside his own body; Yasu was even disappointed when he could no longer use it.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Explosive ProficiencyEdit

Yasu carries and uses a load of bombs and grenades in battle that he uses with great skill. He also carries a Super Alloy Z compartment on his belly that contains a Photonic Energy bomb that he uses in case of emergencies. After his first suicide bomb to fight the Garadoubla MK01, Tsubasa disables the mechanism to prevent him from doing it again.


Yasu first appeared when he and Cross broke Koji out of his cell to battle Baron Ashura. After the Kabuto brothers move in and the House is attacked by the Gamia Q, Yasu along with the others hold them off while Koji gets to the Hover Pilder. He later appears with three other Kurogane 5 members when they, Tsubasa, and Koji are transported to the past. When the Garadoubla attacks, Yasu uses his Photon Bomb to destroy it, but the Mechanical Beast survives. He is brought back to life along with the others by Tsubasa and fights against Viscount Pygman until the latter gets out of their grasp. In the final battle, Yasu helped out but his Photon Bomb had been disabled by Tsubasa so instead he was encouraged to live on.



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