Kanji N/A
Kana ユリ
Gender Female
Age (Preadolescence)
Robot None
Affiliation Unknown
Family and Relations Gennosuke Yumi (Uncle),
Sayaka Yumi (Cousin)
Voice Actor Michiko Nomura
First Appearance Mazinger Z episode 20
Yuri is a younger cousin of Sayaka Yumi with a handicapped foot confined to a wheelchair after an accident. She was a guest character in episode 23 of the Mazinger Z anime.


Yuri is a young girl about the same age as Shiro Kabuto. She had brown hair that she had tied in a pair of braid with red ribbions. Yuri wears a yellow dress with lighter sleeves and brown shoes.


Yuri is highly depenedent on her wheelchair, refusing to leave it even after her leg healed after the accident she was in. As a result she does not have a lot of self-confidence to walk. Yuri's parents were hardly ever home which caused her a need to get attention. Yuri had become stubborn, bad-tempered, and demanding. She also gained a small crush on Koji having heard about his exploits. Koji compares her personality to her cousin Sayaka, much to Sayaka's dismay. However, when Sayaka and Koji reached out to her after she was captured, Yuri gained the courage to walk again.


At some unknown point Yuri was involved in an accident that resulted in a foot injury. The experience left her traumatized and dependent on her wheelchair especially since her parents were never home. Sent by her parents to stay with Sayaka and her father after her injury healed, Yuri ignored all attempts to get her to walk again and wanted to spend time with Koji. When a Mechanical Beast attacked, Yuri refused to stay in Koji's house and Baron Ashura took her hostage aboard the Damdam L2, and destroyed her wheelchair to keep her from escaping. With the battle ending and Ashura retreating, Koji and Sayaka told her to quickly run to their robots. Lily was scared but Sayaka encouraged her that she did not need her wheelchair anymore. With this encouragement, Yuri managed to run to the cockpit and jump inside Aphrodite A. Once safe, she thanks Sayaka before leaving.

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