Kanji N/A
Kana ザンニン
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Robot None
Affiliation Demon Tribe
Family and Relations N/A
Voice Actor Kiyoshi Kobayashi
First Appearance Mazinger Z vs. Devilman
Zannin is the General of the Demon Tribe that took residence within the Himalayas. He served as one of the central antagonists of the Devilman anime and appeared as the leader again in Mazinger Z vs. Devilman.

Production BackgroundEdit

Zannin's name and appearance was based off of Zenon, a demon that served as a major villain in Demon Lord Dante. In the Devilman anime, he gave out orders to the other demons under his rule to kill the traitor Devilman. He served as a major enemy towards Devilman before being killed in episode 14.


Zannin is a tall demon standing at least more than 2 meters. His fur is colored purple on his head with yellow markings on the forehead, and green fur on the torso. His chest has a pair of eyes on it. His limbs are light blue and his shoulder's are dark blue. He features a long tail that can be used as a flail in combat.


Zannin is a powerful and frightening demon who is very unwilling of failure and betrayal. He does everything in his power to regain control of the Earth and take out threats, including his former guard Devilman.


While Zennon was hardly ever seen fighting, he would usually use his long tail as a flail and a whip to attack enemies. He could also fire energy beams from the eyes on his chest, however this was only shown in his last episode on the Devilman anime.


Zannin was freed from his frozen state alongside Bugo and Dagon by Dr. Hell and Sirene. However, he also had a microchip planted in his brain to prevent him and the other demons from rebelling against Dr. Hell. Zannin would send orders to the demons until Devilman was brought to be tortured for betraying the Demon Tribe. Zannin along with the rest of the demons were killed by the sudden arrival of the Mazinger Z with the Jet Scrander.


  • In the Devilman anime, Zannin under Zennon's command was a bit like one of Dr. Hell's generals. For Zannin, it was getting replaced by another general once dead.

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