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Kanji Z神
Kana ゼウス
Gender Male
Age (Ageless)
Robot Himself
Affiliation Olympus
Family and Relations Unknown
First Appearance Z Mazinger chapter 1
Zeus was one of the Mechanical Gods of the Gods Empire, as well as one of the strongest. So much even that he was called a god among them. 4000 years after a failed attempt to control Earth, Zeus's near inanimate body was converted into the super robot, Z Mazinger. He was also a close friend of Aphrodite.


While Zeus was still in the empire, he became one of the most notable among the Mechanical Gods for his combat skills. At one point he met with Aphrodite and they became good friends. 4000 years prior to the series, he was part of an attack on Earth in order to seize it. But Zeus had a change of heart, having taking a liking to the Earthlings and fought against the empire. However, even though he managed to repel the army, Zeus was beaten and after many years was buried in the earth with his armor degrading and his mind being lost, a foundation for Zeus being placed over top of him.


Zeus is a gigantic humanoid cyborg. While most of his body is covered in a mettalic grey armor, his face features artificial skin that covers a mechanical face.


Unlike most of the other Mechanical Gods that looked down on humanity, Zeus took a liking towards them and even fought against his former alleigance to defend Earth.


Zeus was one of the strongest of the Mechanical Gods in combat, his main weapon being a large sword called the Zeus Blade. A cockpit-like structure on his head affects his facial features, it was also the place that held his spirit inside a mechanical pilot which was then inherited by Koji Kabuto.


In the present day, high school student Koji Kabuto fell into the ruins where Zeus was and found his body. Noticing the cockpit on his head, Zeus' spirit within a robotic body went towards Koji and gave him the ability to pilot Zeus' body. With Zeus's reawakening however came the emergence of Dr. Hell and his Mechanical Beasts. With the last of Zeus's strength, Koji made it back up to the surface and fought off the Mechanical Beasts. HSF later took the body and had it modified into a refined form, becoming the super robot Z Mazinger, for how dangerous it could become.

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