Kanji N/A
Kana ゼウス
Gender Male
Age (Elderly)
Robot Great Spirit Raaga
Affiliation Sygma
Family and Relations Unknown
First Appearance Unknown
Zeus is the last king of the empire Sygma. He appeared in the final arc of the Grendizer manga by Gosaku Ōta to give Sayaka Yumi the last remaining weapon of the empire, Great Spirit Raaga.


Zeus was a crippled and weak old man wearing a robe and holding a cane.


Zeus is a wise and compassionate man with great pride in the Sygma Empire. Wishing to leave the empire's legacy into somone capable he had to judge when Sayaka appeared. He was more than pleased with the result, which caused him to die in peace.


During the battle between Grendizer, the Vegan Empire, and Earth's governments; Sayaka is transported to Sygma through the ring she found at the Mycenae Empire ruins. There she meets Zeus who explains to Sayaka about Sygma and how the empires of Fleed and Vega originated from there. Later he shows Sayaka Raaga and that the ring is the controller. Deeming Sayaka worthy as his successor to stop the war, they part ways as Sayaka takes off. With his task complete, Zeus dies in peace.

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