Kanji N/A
Kana ズリル
Gender Male
Age (Adult)
Robot Various Vega Beasts and Saucer Beasts, Queen Spazer (fortress)
Affiliation Vegan Empire
Family and Relations Zuril Jr. (Son)
Voice Actor Banjo Ginga
First Appearance The Devil's Bell Tolls At Midnight

Science Minister Zuril is a scientist in the Vegan Empire, of equal power to General Gandal. He appeared after Captain Blaki died in action.


Zuril is a light-green skinned man with pointed ears. His helmet is decorated with red wings and wears an eyepatch over his left eye which is actually a wearable computer. His clothes consist of a yellow overcoat with a purple symbol on the chest and a red crescent pin on the opening.


Zuril is cunning and ruthless, especially in strategy. He has an intense rivalry with Gandal, often arguing with him over a better plan of attack. They can work together though, shown when tracking down a rogue scientist planning to destroy the Grendizer with his own creations. The anime reveals that Zuril has a son, and he was mortally devastated with his child's death, becoming more cold towards anyone especially Duke Fleed. His hatred for Duke is further explained when Zuril reveals he had feelings for Rubina, Duke's fiance, which only made him angrier when she sacrificed her life to save Duke from being shot. Still he seemed to have been close with some of his subordinates as one of them prevented him from hopelessly dying when trying to find what was left of Zuril Jr.


Zuril is known for his involvement in the creation of the Saucer Beasts as well as further developments of the Vega Beasts showing an ingenuity in technology and biology. His eye patch is a computer that allows him to analyze an enemy and the surrounding area, allowing Zuril to collect data for plans of attack. Zuril's strategies in warfare involve elaborate plans over brute force but he is no more successful with them as Blaki and Gandal are. A good way to show this is when trying to find weaknesses in the Grendizer, only to be outsmarted by Dr. Umon.


Zuril arrived on Earth, on the orders of King Vega much to the irritation of Gandal. Zuril's strategies often worked against him, even after the adoption of the Vega Beasts. Zuril's son once came to save his father from certain death during the battle against the Grendizer at the cost of his life, something that greatly affected Zuril. In episode 72, he followed Rubina to Earth, if he succeeded destroying Grendizer and Duke Fleed using Rubina as bait, he will be married to Rubina. He accidentally shot Rubina's ship with his fortress Queen Spazer and Grendizer destroyed the Queen Spazer, but Zuril survived and almost shot Duke while he talked to Rubina before she died, but he is shot by Koji, killing him.


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